Thu 21 Jan 2021 10:48


Mitcham are thrilled to announce our latest club development, the creation of the Old Boys Association. This community within the club will help to keep ex players connected and also aims to bring players who may have drifted away from the club over the years back into the fold. The club has appointed Richard King as Chairman of the Association and Tony Antoniou as Vice Chair.

The club currently has over 100 members since it's creation last month. To request access to the FB group, follow the link below.

“I am honoured to be asked to the first Chair of the Old Boys Association of the Club which has been an important part of my life for 50 years. A Club which is ostensibly a Rugby Club but which, in reality, has always been so much more. I am sure that many will agree that we have been blessed to be a part of such a wonderful collection of people and, subsequently, will echo my thoughts.

“It was the best of times.” We were who we were, we did what we did; our shared past is there for all time. How important it is to be able to look back with such affection at sharing the friendship; the camaraderie; the support; the laughter; the foolishness; the seriousness and, sometimes, the sorrow. We will always be a part of Mitcham and Carshalton R.U.F.C and the Club will always be a part of us. It will ever be thus, let’s embrace it and celebrate.”

"I feel very honoured to have been asked to be the VC of the OB association having been a member of the club myself for over 40 years. I feel that the positivity and proactiveness shown by the current committee needs to be supported by the OB association so I will do my utmost to encourage as many old boys back to the Club on a more regular basis, not only to reminisce on the past but also to celebrate the undoubted success that will continue at M&C."